The Ten Droid Commandments
  1. Believe in The ArchAndroid.
  2. If you see your neighbor jamming harder than you, covet his or her jam.
  3. Be aware that jamming means: No Tweeting without clapping. No sex without screaming and no freedom without dancing.
  4. Please be aware that the songs you will hear are electric: Be careful as you…
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Hair Tip 💚#Hair2mesmerize #naturalhair #natural #curlygirlsrock #healthyhair #naturalhairrocks #teamnatural #washandgo #naturalhairjourney #naturalhairstyles #twa #ignaturals #blackhairstyles #blackgirlsrock #transitioning #noyle #fro #afro #transitioning #braidout

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30 Day Video Game Challenge → A Game That is Underrated: Remember Me (2013), PlayStation3; XBOX 360; PC

It’s a tossup between DICE’s Mirror’s Edge and Dontnod Entertainment’s Remember Me. If I had to choose, however, I’d go with Remember Me. This game was on the vaguest of “interesting” radars for me and when I first saw the teaser trailer, I initially brushed it off because Kezia Burrows’s voice acting sounded like another case of “French VA direction strikes again!” (See: Heavy Rain). However, the closer this game got to being released and the more I saw of it, the more excited I became about it. Develing into the external canon of the universe was incredible. The attention to detail about the Sensen technology, the guy who created it (Antoine Cartier-Wells), the gradual problem it created within a society that literally imploded on itself with an almost global war, told me from the get go this was not just an ordinary attempt to create a “Character Action Game” with platforming and puzzle segments. Their ambition was clearly to establish a world that you could come back to over and over in whichever form it took in transmedia.

Then there’s the fact that the developers appeared to genuinely give a fuck about the extents of agency and what they could do for their protagonist Nilin Cartier-Wells. They wanted to present her as a human being (where Crystal Dynamics was comfortable wrapping Lara Croft in tropes and abuse and Ellie is a vehicle primarily for Joel’s manpain), however idealistic that might be in an industry that runs from Black female protagonists and female sexuality (wherein she is not presented exclusively for the male gaze) like the damn plague.

However hindered it might’ve been in some aspects (either of their own making or Capcom interference), Nilin is one of the most liveliest characters I’ve had the fortune of playing as. Yet, Capcom didn’t do a great deal to promote it and I knew as soon as I saw the release date (June 3 —- just a few days shy of The Last of Us’s release date (June 14) in the states), compounded with its own problems, I knew this game would be royally fucked.

The game itself is gorgeous, but like many have stated, it is not without its flaws. While it lacks the general refinement of even the first Devil May Cry, Assassin’s Creed and the over-the-top Bayonetta, Remember Me, as far as gameplay goes, it’s not the “broken piece of shit” most love to pedal it off as. Combined with instances of motion sickness triggered by glitches that occur near death, and uncooperative camera, It’s frustrating as hell, pretty much like the “intentionally shit” controls for Shadow of the Colossus. Only I’m pretty sure the developers didn’t intent it to be. I’ve probably ragequit this game more than a handful of times because the combat is so rigid in how it wants you to approach its fountain of enemies that appear so often and typically without reason in some cases.

The remixing segments are the strongest gameplay elements in the game itself, and though it is a shame there’s so little of it, narratively, I can see why. So, grounds for improvement is possible, whether or not RM will get that second chance, however, is unlikely. Remember Me, however, is a rough diamond in a room full of brown and gray grimdark Triple A titles. I’d recommend you’d give it a try, because it’s great despite its flaws.

I loved this game, and I hope everyone knows it. It’s mixed race, female, homeless/poor protagonist is amazing. The combat voice acting is industry standard, not particularly better or worse, but the incidental dialog speaks volumes more than the words you hear. I have lots to say about this game, but right now I am ready to pour a drink to Dontnod and Capcom for just getting this to market.

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So, tonight, July 3, some friends and I went to this place, the Main Street Comedy Pub (formerly The Joke Factory), in Evansville, Indiana. Part of the night was open mic, and one of my friends was going to go up. We were there to support her, and as…

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Doing the Disability Drag (Get Your Cripface on!)

Oh, yeah, this is an official BAD CRIPPLE blog entry. Bad Cripple says, “Only you can stop kicking wheelchair wheels during movie viewing. They did not let me in for free because I brought my own chair, asshole!”

A blond, blazer-ed PatientC trying to look casual for a wheelchair picture.

Recently, after I mentioned a crip face issue on Facebook, a friend asked me to point her towards resources on the topic. I am usually happy to do that for anyone interested in a social justice topic, especially folks I know (given the usual: spoons available, respectful request, all that sort of thing). I was only able to point her towards an article on the fantastic but defunct FWD. Most of the resources I had compiled way back when are all gone. So come with me and we will make a new one here.

Disability drag/crip face/cripface/crip drag all describe the same thing: the act of behaving as if one has a disability that one, in fact, does not have. Usually this is done by TAB (temporarily able bodied) person, but it can be done by anyone. A person with a disability cannot cripface their own disability, but can cripface one that is not theirs. It is not usually considered cripface to temporarily take on the qualities of a disability that one has had in the past, as they are pulling from their own lived experiences and not demeaning someone else’s life experience.

Crip drag is always a display of privilege and is always ableist/disableist

ProTip: if you are not yourself disabled, you should stay away from using the word cripple (and that word family). Stick with disability.

Cripface is part of a long tradition of people with institutional & social power, with privilege, appropriating the experiences and lives of those without it. It is on the same field as yellow face, black face, poverty drag and other tasteless and hurtful impersonations of the very social structures that cause these inequities. I make no moral equivalencies here, I leave the Oppression Olympics to other folks! I am only pointing out a general category of people pretending to experience the problems and therefore somehow the lives of other people. 

This has come up recently in discussions about The Fault in Our Stars, a really good movie and an even better book. I think that both are worth the time. And I can enjoy an entertainment product while also understanding that it has a cripface issue. Hell, House, MD helped me through a rough patch in my life when I was newly dealing with using a cane as part of a bigger package of suck that came from a misdiagnosed infarction. Except it was my life and House was crip drag. Frequently patient characters were, too. Yet I was a big fan for years. The new Ironsides was totally cripface no matter how awesome Blair Underwood is in everything he does. I estimate that about 90% of disability I see on major media is fake. Oh, shout outs to Game of Thrones and CSI - you know why you rock.

Yes, it is disability drag when committed by a major motion picture the same as it is one of those empathy stunts. You know the empathy stunt (my phrase, but I would love it to be common use): where someone wears a blindfold for a week or uses a wheelchair for a month and learns valuable lessons. Usually done in service of a good cause, but almost always a bad idea.

Because crip face is still so commonly practiced and accepted, we are mostly just forced to deal with it or never dig anything. I have a lot more to say about the politics and power around cripface, about how you respond to the subject says more about you than about the problem, all kinds of things. There is so little out there, and I want to help fix that. Discussing this is part of the solution to it. Looking at these systems that benefit from disability drag should be something we all do together. Dismantling this problem should not be the sole responsibility of the people victimized by it. 

Avoiding using accurate terminology because you like something or give the creators a pass for being good people is part of the problem. Bad Cripple says, “Stop it. Stop it right now.” 

I am in the middle of a medium evil classic lupus flare with some bonus avoidance activation, but I decided to write anyway. Thanks for hanging in there with me. I hope you are free from suffering and the root of all suffering.

This Post May Be Crap

This post may be crap. Every post here may be crap. Maybe every once in a while I get to be the millionth monkey and write something not crap. But I know this for sure: every single thing I decide to not write is definitely crap. So, I am going to side-swipe the little hater, the self censor, and work on the assumption that crap happens, that crap happens to me, and it is better to get it out and get one post closer to something good. Right now I am in flare management mode, so what the hell!

PatientC, a middle aged white women with silver/blond hair taking a rare bathroom selfie before a feared massive hair loss that did not occur.

Right after killing sprees and mass shootings may be the hot iron for gun control and gun abolition activists but it is the worst time to try to convince someone that they should give up what they see as their personal defense against such things. These folks sometimes lack the ability to use basic empathy as much as the NRA does (almost all the time). I use the phrase gun abolitionists to simply indicate activists with the goal of eliminating civilian gun ownership, no baggage. I think that control activists would do well to separate themselves from the abolitionists folks if they want to get more done. My heart aches for these folks, today in Oklahoma and who knows where tomorrow - so I want something right, something real, that will help. There is a lot we can do to make the 2nd Amendment a secure right that also respects the rights of others to live without them. But the secessionists, the militia/”states rights” folks, the NRA, the gun abolitionists - they are all going to have to sit at the kiddie table of ideas until they show they can do better.

The Fault in Our Stars is a great movie, you should go see it. You should read the book too. I got into some hot water trying to address the crip face/crip drag issue - but as I said then, if that was all I noticed I would never get to like anything. It is daring to put crippled and dying folks out there, to treat those stories as even worth the telling. Particularly telling tales with disabled/dying kids - we like to pretend they do not even exist. Also please note that Indianapolis is not as white or straight as the movie makers seem to think it is. Overall it is really good and worth the time and almost as brave as the book.

I am over 100 days cigarette free, thanks to vaping eCigs. Which is good, because they found antiphospholipid syndrome and have added that to my list of crap I fight every day. I am glad they found it, it can cause blood clots and kill people, so I would definitely rather know. There is just kind of a shell shocked reaction now a days that comes with new bad news.

(I am trying an app called If That Then This, please pardon duplicate announcements while I get used to it. It could be really useful!)

Details of Sansa’s new dress from The Mountain and the Viper

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Last Week Tonight with John Oliver (HBO): Net Neutrality (by LastWeekTonight)

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